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Stokes Scholars

This list enables those with an interest in Adrian Stokes to communicate.
Suggestions for additions are welcome: Please contact: webmaster

alphabetically details
Ian Angus   Second husband to Ann Stokes and co-literary executor
with Telfer Stokes
20 Church Row, London NW3 6UP. UK

Stephen Bann Professor of Art History.
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

David Carrier Professor of Art History. Long term interest in Stokes's work.
Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Institute of Art,
Theory and Historiography, USA
Paul Carter Professorial research fellow. Writer and artist.
Australian Centre, University of Melbourne. email:p.carter@arts.unimelb.edu.au
Books include The Road to Botany Bay (1987), Living In A New
Country (1992) and The Lie of the Land (1996). Recent public art
commissions include Relay (Sydney 2000 Olympics) and Nearamnew
(Federation Square, Melbourne). His current book in progress is
Repressed Spaces:the poetics of agoraphobia.

Anne Buchannan Crosby Painter and close friend.
10 Rutland Grove, Hammersmith, London W69 D11. UK
Andrew Forge Art historian and critic, painter and close friend.
(deceased: September 2002)

John Gage Retired. Special interest: Stokes's approach to colour in nature
and in painting. email:jsg1000@cam.ac.uk
John Golding Painter and close friend.
(deceased: April 9th 2012)
Martin Golding Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge; psychoanalytic psychotherapist; art
critic. email:msg1004@cam.ac.uk

Ron Graziani Ronald S. Graziani. Art Hisory Faculty, East Carolina University. USA
Areas of Interest: Visual Culture in the 20th Century, Critical Theory.

see website article: Adrian Stokes and the Psychoanalytic
Meg Harris Williams Artist and writer. Special interest in aesthetic experience in art
(including literature) and psychoanalysis.
The Bourne, Redlands Lane, Crondall, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5RF. UK
see: http://www.harris-meltzer-trust.org.uk/

David Hulks Completed PhD at the University of Reading in June 2002.
'Adrian Stokes and the Changing Object of Art'
University of East Anglia

Etienne Jollet Professor of Modern History, University of Provence.
Special interest: Adrian Stokes and the tradition of art writing.
Stephen Kite Professor Stephen Kite
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
Bute Building
King Edward VII Avenue

(see website PREFACE pages)
PhD thesis: Adrian Stokes:
The Critical Writings -
an architectonic perspective

Peter Leech Dr. Peter Leech. Art theorist, philosopher and critic.
Head, Art History and Theory, University of Otago,
New Zealand

Norbert Lynton No details at present.
Donald Meltzer deceased: 2004.
A psychoanalyst, was a friend of Adrian Stokes and member of
the `Imago Group'
see website:

see also entry for Meg Harris Williams, above here
Yves Michaud No details at present.
Heather Middleton No details at present.
Moreno Neri Writer, translator. Italian translator of Stones of Rimini
Via Marecchia 57 - 47900 Rimini (RN) - Italy
email: elsa.muratori@tin.it

Geoffrey Newman Writer. Special interest: Stokes on 'Quattro Cento' art
and Stokes's paintings
. See website intro. to Stokes' painting.
Flat 2, 44 Harold Road, London SE19 3PL, UK
Michael O'Pray Reader in Film in the School of Art and Design at the
University of East London, UK. At present writing a book on

Adrian Stokes' ideas in relation to film. email:m.opray@uel.ac.uk.
Alex Potts Professor of the History of Art, University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6AH, UK
Recent book:The Sculptural Imagination (Yale University Press).
Richard Read Senior lecturer, School of Architecture & Fine Arts
University of Western Australia, Nedlands WA6009
Richard Read is Stokes's official biographer
Eric Rhode Writer, broadcaster and close friend. (see website Sounds page)
and see symposium paper here.                    
Peter Robinson Poet, translator, literary critic. Editor of With All the
Views: Collected Poems of Adrian Stokes

see website Poetry introduction.
Special Interest: Art and reparation.

Dr Peter Robinson, Dept of English Literature,
Graduate School of Arts and Letters,
Tohoku University, Kawauchi, Aoba-ku
SENDAI 980-8576 Japan
Tel & fax: +81-22-217-5962
Website: http://charles.sal.tohoku.ac.jp/robinson/index.html

Janet Sayers Professor of Sociology, Darwin College, University of Kent,
Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NY. UK
Barbara Slater Freelance editor. Completed a Phd: 'Man's History of Himself as Space:
Art, Life and Psychoanalysis in the Writing of Adrian Stokes'.
Oliver Soskice details witheld.
Matthew Springett Matthew Springett, Bristol University,UK
email: mattspringett@totalise.co.uk see website Stokes the Balletomane

Ann Stokes Earthenware potter. Stokes's second wife.
(deceased 21st April 2014)
Telfer Stokes Eldest son, maker of artists books, co-literary executor
with Ian Angus.
Lyndsey Stonebridge Dr Lyndsey Stonebridge, Senior Lecturer in English,
School of English and American Studies, University of East Anglia,
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, 01603 593432. Works on psychoanalysis and
twentieth-century literature. Chapter on Stokes and Auden in,
The Destructive Element: British Psychoanalysis and Modernism (1998).
Michael Stone-Ricards No details at present.
Sir Colin St. John Wilson Professor and Head of Department of Architecture at
Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK. 1975-89.
Architect of the British Library.
Close friend and collector of Stokes' works.
(deceased, 2007)

David Sylvester Art critic and close friend. See website intro. to Stokes's painting.
(deceased, June 2001)

Paul Tucker Lecturer in English Linguistics at The University of Urbino.
Special interest: The Language of Art Criticism.
Richard Wollheim Philosopher and close friend. (deceased: November 2003)
Emeritus Professor in residence, department of Philosophy
at the University of California, Berkeley, USA
Emeritus Grope Professor of Mind and Logic, department of Philosophy
at the University of London, UK.
see website introduction

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