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Adumbration by
Professor Stephen Kite.

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by Stephen Kite

Professor Stephen Kite BA BArch (Hons) PHD RIBA FRSA
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University, UK.

Introduction [13 pages] by Richard Wollheim

Professor Richard Wollheim, Emritus Professor in residence  of departmentment of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkley, USA. This essay is a version of the 4th.William Townsend Memorial Lecture, originally delivered by Richard Wollheim at the Slade, University College, London. Reproduced here with permission by Richard Wollheim and also Michael Schmidt, editor of PN Review, Carcanet Press, Manchester, United Kingdom.

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Stokes - the Painter by David Sylvester Reproduced from the book: ABOUT MODERN ART:Critical Essays 1948 - 1996. Published by Chatto & Windus, 1996.
by Geoffrey Newman Reproduced from: London Magazine, April/May 2000
Stokes - the Poet by Peter Robinson

An especially written introduction and a selection of poems read by Dr. Peter Robinson.

Stokes - the Balletomane


by Matthew Springett

Matthew Springett, trained as a boy ballet dancer.
Part of his final year dissertation for a BA in History of Art at Bristol University is presented here.

Stokes - and the Psychoanalytic by Ron Graziani Reproduced from:Art Criticsm, 1986 with permission from the author and of the editor, Donald Kuspit.
Biography with Bibliography by Richard Read Dr. Richard Read, Senior lecturer, School of Architecture & Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia, Nedlands WA6009.
Richard Read is Stokes's official biographer
Concise Bibliography

Compiled by Ian Angus.

collected works & individual books
contributions to periodicals, books, exhibition catalogues etc
translated works

Brief Select List of works  on STOKES

Compiled by Dr. Richard Read.
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webmaster in the first instance.]

Stokes Scholars

Compiled by Stephen Bann, a list of those people connected in various ways with the work of  Stokes together with contact information.

Painting Collections

Tate Britain, London. The Tate houses twenty three paintings; the images of most are available to view on their website. visit site now

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