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Note: These items are very long.
CLICK Adrian Stokes in conversation with Leone Cohn talking about Melanie Klein in 1964.
Originally transmitted by the BBC.
[duration 20 mins.]
CLICK A biography, spoken by his friends.
Written and presented by Eric Rhode in 1973.
Originally transmitted by the BBC
[duration 70 mins.]
CLICK 'Impact In Art' by Eric Rhode. BBC Programme in 1965 broadcast during the exhibition at Marlborough Fine Art, London and following  publication of THE INVITATION IN ART by Tavistock Publications, London.
Originally transmitted by the BBC
[duration 16 mins.]
CLICK An excerpt from 'The Critics' programme about the  current exhibition of paintings in 1965 at Marlborough Fine Art, London.
Originally transmitted by the BBC
[duration 9 mins.]
CLICK BBC 'Kaleidoscope' programme. Eric Rhode interviewed following the Thames and Hudson publications of Stokes's collected works in 1978.
Originally transmitted by the BBC.
[duration 7 mins.]

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