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Events and New Information
updated - July 2015


           Latest Article.......................

         Tate Publications

               Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and Public Identity.

               Circling Each Other: Henry Moore and Adrian Stokes

                  Richard Read    open PDF here


           Latest Book.......................


           By Janet Sayers

A Biography

ISBN 13/ 9781782202837
ISBN 10/ 1782202838        
See Karnac website


            By Meg Harris Williams

            ART AND ANALYSIS
  An Adrian Stokes Reader

      ISBN/978 1 78220 118 2  See Karnac website


            By Stephen Kite
Building Ruskin's Italy
           - Watching Architecture

       (The last chapter 'Stones of Verona'
       compares Adrian and Ruskin in that city)

         July 2012
      ISBN/9781409437963  See Ashgate website


          New Article.......................

          David Hulks

          ‘Mickey Mouse is Debonair: Adrian Stokes’s fugitive interest in popular cinema’

           Visual Culture in Britain, vol. 12, no. 1, 2011, pp. 1-15.  



             By Stephen Kite
         Adrian Stokes
         An Architectonic Eye

      November 2008
      ISBN-13: 9781905981892  See Legenda website


           The Coral Mind      see Penn State University Press catalogue entry - October 2007

           Adrian Stokes's Engagement with Art History, Criticism, Architecture,
           and Psychoanalysis

             Edited by Stephen Bann    ISBN 978-0-271-02970-2



          Adrian Stokes and the Sculptural Imagination
(Francesca Cuojati)

          Anglo-American Modernity and The Mediterranean. © 2006 ISBN: 88-323-6062-4

        editors: Caroline Patey, Giovanni Cianci
        and Francesca Cuojati


         Kite, Stephen (2006) ' Adrian Stokes and the "Aesthetic Position".
           Envelopment and Otherness' in Viner, J., Anderson, J and Danze, E. (eds.)
           The Annual Journal of Psychoanalysis Volume 33: Psychoanalysis and Architecture.

           Institute for psychoanalysis: Chicago; Mental health Resources:
           Catskill, New York [ book chapter] pp.  139 - 160. ISBN 0 9764976 0 3

          Adrian Stokes and Venice' ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY,
          VOL. 8, NO. 2, PP. 159-169.

          Kite, Stephen and Menin, Sarah (2005) 'Philosophy and Psychology of the
          John Summerson and Colin St John Wilson' PTAH  No. 1

        Kite, Stephen (2004) ' The "architecture of colour-form":
          Adrian Stokes and Venice' ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY,
          VOL. 8, NO. 2, PP. 159-169.



         Kite, Stephen and Menin, Sarah (2005)
                                          'An Architecture of Invitation - Colin St John Wison'
(London: Ashgate Press, Spring. 2005) ISBN 0754637832


         Kite, S. (2004) - 'Architecture as Techne: Adrian Stokes, Ezra Pound and
           the Art of the Machine'. PAIDEUMA - Studies in American and British
           Poetry, Vol. 33, No 1, Spring, pp. 33-55.



                                             FILM   AESTHETICS'
          (Houndsmills, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)


         Kite, Stephen (2003)  'South Opposed to East and North: Adrian Stokes and
        Josef Strzygowski'.
        A study in the aesthetics and historiography of Orientalism.
        Art History, ISSN 0141-6790, Vol. 26 Number 4 (September 2003) pp. 505-532.

        BIOGRAPHY: Richard Read.

         (London: Ashgate Press, Dec. 2002), with 30 illustrations.
          ISBN: 0 7546 0796 8   click for publisher's information.


Stones of Rimini (Italian translation by Moreno Neri)New Italian translation of Stones of Rimini by Moreno Neri, published by Walter Raffaelli (Raffaelli Editore). ISBN 88-87518-43-2.

Faber's original announcement in 1934


A new book by ADRIAN STOKES: The Quattro Cento and Stones of Rimini, a re-publication of two books in a single volume by Penn State University Press (USA) and distributed in UK by Ashgate Press (London), out now.
Click here for Penn States' catalogue entry.

MichelangeloReprint: Michelangelo by Adrian Stokes
pub. Routledge Classics, Paperback, ISBN: 041526765X, £7.99 out now.
click for Routeledge web entry. Five other books in the series also published.
see below


Other books by Adrian Stokes that are currently in print

Venise. Editions Gallimard, ISBN: 2-07-074610-0. (French edition of Venice).
Inside Out. Reprinted in ENGLAND AND ITS AESTHETES by David Carrier. ISBN: 905701291X
The Quattro Cento and Stones of Rimini. see above.
Stones of Rimini. Raffaelli Editore, ISBN: 88-87518-43-2. (Italian edition of Stones of Rimini). see above.

A series of six books originally published by Tavistock; now republished by Routledge UK
Michelangelo. ISBN: 041526765X. and 0415264901 see above.
Greek Culture and the Ego. ISBN: 0415264898
Painting and the Inner World. ISBN: 041526491X
Reflections on the Nude. ISBN: 0415264928
The Invitation in Art. ISBN: 0415264936
Three Essays on the Painting of our Time. ISBN: 0415264944


Late News - Colour & Form (Faber and Faber, 1937), to be republished by Tate Publishing Ltd. Watch this space.


Tate Britain has twenty one or more paintings to view on their website. - visit now


Listen to recorded BBC radio programmes about Adrian Stokes.
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