Adrian  Stokes
aesthete - critic - painter - poet



The Affirmation of the Eye
by Stephen Kite


Adrian Stokes - aesthete, critic, painter and poet - was born on 27 October 1902 in Radnor Place, Bayswater. A life of patient enquiry produced over twenty critical books and numerous papers; paintings of a mysterious iridescence that, he maintained, "project an armature of the architectural effects that mean everything to me" and in his last years, poetry with a personal, astringent rhythm. A letter to the Times Literary Supplement in 1965, signed by eighteen prominent thinkers and artists - including Coldstream, Moore, Hepworth and Wollheim - claimed Adrian Stokes as amongst "the most original and creative .... writers on art".   continue

Stones oF Rimini, published in 1934

Adrian Stokes in Crete, 1967

Rapallo landscape, 1966

The Quattro Cento, published in 1932 Still life, 1965 Michelangelo, published 1955 Smooth & Rough, published 1951