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Contributions to Periodicals, Books, Exhibition Catalogues etc (page 4 of 5)

[A letter enclosed in square brackets after an item indicates the volume in the Collections section which includes the item]

"Herbert Read". British Journal Of Aesthetics, IV, iii, July 1964, 195-6.

[Review of] MONASTIC ARCHITECTURE IIV FRANCE; FROM THE RENAISSANCE; TO THE REVOLUTION, by Joan Evans. British Journal of Aesthetics, 1V, iv, Oct 1964, 371.

" "Melanie Klein : " Some Thoughts on Her Work" in an interview with Leonie Cohn." in the BBC Third Programme, Nov 17, 1964. (Interview recorded May 13, 1963.)  [see SOUNDS page]

[Introduction to] Exhibition Catalogue, LAWRENCE GOWING. London, Marlborough Fine Art, Jan 1965.

"Profile: Adrian Stokes". [Interview by Guy Burns about Stokes's paintings.] Arts Review, XVII, i, Jan 23 - Feb 6, 1965, 2.

"The Image in Form". British Journal of Aesthetics, V1, iii, July 1966, 246-58. [Reprinted in REFLECTIONS ON THE NUDE, 1967.]   [C/3]

"Reflections on the Nude". Art and Literature, X, Autumn 1966, 160-7. [Revised and reprinted in REFLECTIONS ON THE NUDE, 1967.]   [C/3]

"On Being Taken Out of Oneself". International Journal of Psychoanalysis, XLVII, iv, 1966. [B]

[Review of] TURNER: IMAGINATION AND REALITY, by Lawrence Gowing. British Journal of Aesthetics, VII, ii, April 1967, 207-8.

"After Omnipotence". [Review of] THE PSYCHOANALYTICAL PROCESS, by Donald Meltzer. Listener, Aug 3, 1967, 152-3.

"Poem. The start of life resembles trees..." Listener Oct 10, 1968, 464. [D]

"Reminiscences" [In] BEN NICHOLSON. A Studio International special, edited by Maurice de Sausmarez. London, Studio International, 1969, p.14.

"lntroduction" [To] Exhibition Catalogue, BARBARA HEPWORTH, Recent Work, Sculpture, Paintings, Prints. Feb-March 1970. London, Marlborough Fine Art, 1970, pp.4-6.

"Research into the Deafness of Mind". [Review of] FREUD, by Richard Wollheim. Listener, April 29, 1971, 554.

"The Future and Art". Studio International, CLXXXIV, Sept 1972, 89-93. [B]  [From a lecture first given at Cambewell School of Art in March 1972.]

"Last Poems.    "Poem. Short of the seldom nightingale..."

                            "We Are the Animals We Keep"

                            "Song. Though trees are bound by light..."

                            "Tunisian Shore".                                                                                                                   

Listener, Dec 28, 1972, 890. [D]

[Poem] "On to the Distant" Poetry Book Society Christmas Supplement, 1972. [D]

"Psychoanalysis and Our Culture". Poetry Nation, no. 1, 1973, 90-101. [B]

"A Drama of Modesty: Adrian Stokes on His Painting." Studio International, CLXXXV, iv, April 1973, 153. [Not Stokes's title. Originally written in 1965 incorporating comments from Guy Burn, "Profile: Adrian Stokes". Arts Review, XV11, i, Jan 23-Feb 6, 1965, 2.]

[Selected Poems by] Geoffrey Grigson, Edwin Muir, Adrian Stokes. Guest Editor: Stephen Spender. (Penguin Modern Poets, 23.) Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1973. p105-160.  [D]

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