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Contributions to Periodicals, Books, Exhibition Catalogues etc (page 3 of 5)

[A letter enclosed in square brackets after an item indicates the volume in the Collections section which includes the item]

"The Ballet. Sadler's Wells". Spectator, Oct 15, 1937, 631.

"Concerning Art and Metapsychology". International Journal of PsychoAnalysis,  XXVI, iii-iv, 1945.

"Inside Out". Polemic, II, Jan 1946, 51-60. [Revised   and reprinted in INSIDE OUT, 1947.]  [C/2]

"A Note on Symphonic or Abstract Ballet".  Adelphi  XXVII, ii, First Quarter, 2951, 122-5. [Reprinted in PN Review, VII, i, (No.15), 1980, 44-5.]

"Piero: A Masterpiece". [Review of PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA, by Kenneth Clark.   Spectator, March 30, 1951, 420-1.

"A Study of Tintoretto". [Review of] TINTORETTO, by Eric Newton  Spectator Jan 1952, 120.

"Form in Art". [In] NEW DIRETCIONS IN PSYCHO-ANALYSIS: The Significance of Infant Conflict in the Pattern of Adult Behaviour. Edited by Melanie Klein, Paula Heiman, R.E. Money-Kyrle. London, Tavistock Publications, 1955. Pp.406-20. [Revised and reprinted with title "Form in Art: A Psycho-Analytic Interpretation", Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism, XVIII, ii, Dec: 1959,193-203]. [B]

"Psycho-Analytic Reflections on the Development of Ball Games, Particularly Cricket". International Journal of Psychoanalysis, XXXVII, ii-iii,,1956. [B]

"Seeing as Action". [Review of] ART AND VISUAL PERCEPTION: A Psychologyof the Creative Eye, by Rudolf Amheim. Encounter,VI, March 1956, 91-3.

"Listening to Cliches and Individual Words". International Journal of Psychoanalysis,  XXXVII, vi,1957. [B]

"A Game that Must be Lost".International Journal of Psvchoanalysis, XLI, i,1960. [B]

"Analysing a Child". [Unsigned review of] NARRATIVE OF A CHILD ANALYSIS, by Melanie Klein. Times Literary Supplement, June 9,1961, 360.

"The Impact of Architecture".British Journal of Aesthetics. 1, iv, Sept1961. [C/3]

"Strong Smells and Polite Society".Encounter, XVII, iii, Sept 1961, 50-6. [B]

"Coldstream and the Sitter".[An appreciation] in the exhibition catalogue, WILLIAM COLDSTREAM. London, Arts Council, 1962. Pp.15-6. [C/3]

"On Resignation". InternatiionalJournal of Psvchoanalysis, XLIII, ii-iii, 1962.[B]

[Letter to the Editor making a plea for the preservation of Venice. Stokes is one the signntories].  Times, Dec 18,1962.

[Review of] OUR ADUIT WORLD ANDOTHER ESSAYS, by Melanie Klein. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, XLV, i, 1964.

"Living in Ticino, 1947-50".Art and Literature, 1, March 1964, 232-8.[A].

"Early Envy". [Review of) INTRODUCTION TO THE WORK OF MELANIE KLEIN, by Hanna Segal. New Statesman, March 6,1964.

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